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Who Cares, Really? - Forests (2) - Sun Eat Moon Grave Party (CD, Album)

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  1. Two Headed Girl "Mathy emo “twincore”, guitar-and-emotion-forward pop music" -ct verses Booking/Inquiry: [email protected] Resonation, released 01 December 1. Don't be Sc*red 2. Bayamón 3. Get Slow 4. Soft Kill 5. BANE Resonation is our second EP about the current state of affairs in Puerto Rico as well as including and connecting to themes about overcoming traumatic.
  2. (probably) worth it by celebration guns, released 08 September 1. (probably) 2. worth it 3. where you've gone 4. you aren't the only one 5. move on 6. a window 7. the harder I try (again) 8. better days 9. consider the source great again pangaea.
  3. liltripep by Lil Trip, released 19 August 1. Tongue 2. The color orange 3. I came upstairs.
  4. TANG And Still No Sunrise, released 25 April 1. One Day At A Time 2. Togetherness Is Compromised 3. Off With Your Arms 4. Bruises And Goosebumps 5. To The Source.
  5. Shades And Whispers by Waterville, released 1. Shadows 2. I Keep My Eye On You 3. Out Of The Window 4. Hold Me Waterville is all about the changes around us, especially the climate, the society and the ecology awarness, but also the relationships and what is really important to humanity. Waterville was founded just by the lakes in a distant, natural, peaceful environment and that.
  6. Suicide By Citizenship by Walking Bombs & Gridfailure, released 26 April 1. Armchair Expert 2. Blood Offering Distraction 3. Bare Shores Bleed 4. Supply And Demand Of The American Soul 5. Now We Know Who You Are 6. Suicide By Citizenship 7. Aneurhythmic 8. Bleeding Out Suicide By Citizenship, a fully collaborative album by New York-based solo outfits/collaborator magnets .
  7. Lift Your Burdens High For This is Where We Cross by The Saddest Landscape, released 08 October 1. The Fashion Magazines Have Succeeded 2. A Statue of a Girl (May 15th) 3. Weightless Is The New Black 4. He Died Among Dreams 5. Fourty Four Sunsents 6. Kiss Like A .
  8. After Crisis by , released 03 June 1. Goddess of the Sun 2. Sleeper Hit 3. The Finale 4. After Crisis 5. Our Friend Departs 6. Diverted 7. Magick Trick 8. The Way Forward 9. I'll Be Forgiven New Dawn (Rendered) New Dawn AFTER CRISIS-- This album is all about what it means to move on. It's about regret, emptiness, anger, and loneliness, but it's also about hope.
  9. Who Cares, Really - Forests 2. City of Hercules - falls 3. Kitchen Counter - Offseason 4. Waterfall - MORETHAN Sun Eat Moon Grave Party by forests. I haven't even cared to look up any of the lyrics to this album, but I listen to it all the time. Truly heartwarming emo math rock with some post-rock influences, which makes it all the more.

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