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Tibetan Sound Bowls

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  1. Mar 16,  · Tibetan singing bowls are remarkably effective tools for meditation, relaxation, stress relief, healing, transformation and so much more. Crystal singing bowls act more like a laser. Because they are made from 99% quartz, they have the capacity to work with human thought and intention for very specific or very broad goals.
  2. This is a harmonic attunement, a sound healing for your physical, emotional and spiritual being. The healing sounds of a Tibetan bowl healing is a rich and unique experience that will alter your consciousness in a wonderful way.
  3. Tibetan bowls emit very pure tones, close to sine waves. Their sound is a synonym of purity for our ears. Like a bell, the tone is produced by striking the side of the bowl with a wooden mallet. By running the mallet around the bowl - only with slight pressure - a pure tone will eventually rise.
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  6. The singing bowls’ Tibetan origins added to their historical ambiguity. Although singing bowls could be found inside monasteries and homes, it was said that monks were not allowed to discuss anything about these bowls. As a matter of fact, the monks’ sacred text, called the Tibetan Buddhist Canon, also contained no information about the bowls.
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  8. Although it is sometimes stated that 'Tibetan singing bowls' date back to a pre-Buddhist, shamanic Bon-Po tradition, the manufacture and use of bowls specifically for the purpose of 'singing' (as opposed to standing bells/bowls that are intended to be struck) is believed to be a modern phenomenon.

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